ERC Presenting

Present persuasively in front of any audience with clarity, relevance and impact.



Develop skills to speak to every audience with strength and confidence.

Designed for

Professionals who need to lead and impress audiences through presentations and public speaking.


Using subject matter from your own work environment, you will learn to:

  • Manage your nervous energy before and during your presentation
  • Use your hands, posture and voice to strengthen your message's interest and professionalism
  • Structure a presentation that captures attention and responds to your objective and audience
  • Create presentation visuals that will captivate your audience
  • Deliver with visual aids without losing your relationship with your audience
  • Handle questions without losing control. Address all with courtesy, professionalism and respect


    1. Initial Assessment: The first presentation of the program. Each participant studies their own performance on video.
    2. Physical Skills: Manage pressure and convey confidence. Control nervousness, think clearly, project vocal energy and improve body energy.
    3. Organization: Guide your ideas according to objectives. Structure your presentation based on flexible and intuitive formats.
    4. Visual Aids: Design visuals to engage your audience and guide your delivery. You'll learn and practice guidelines to design and edit visuals for impact.
    5. Deliver with Visuals: Present using visuals. Strengthen your role as presenter and foster your relationship with your audience.
    6. Final Presentation: Present applying all skills from the program.
    7. Handling Questions, Comments and Attacks: Control the most delicate part of your talk. Respond without reacting. Make each interruption an opportunity.

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